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Have you ever stayed at a motel on the road, looked around at the familiar selection of Applebees, Olive Gardens and Wendy’s and wished you knew what else was around?

No chains + locally sourced ingredients are underpinnings of this mission focused, advocacy organization. Dine Indie lists ONLY indie establishments. There are no chains on the site. Users discover thousands of funky boutique eateries from taco trucks to the best French charcuterie in Manhattan. They read about raw food chefs and green entrepreneurs on Side Dish, and post hidden gems to visit after your stomach is full, as well as reviews, on Travel Indie.

The DineIndie philosophy is that the human element is essential to the dining experience and eating is a key part of life—sometimes even an adventure! Whether it’s a lunchtime wrap or a lavish meal, food just tastes better when you get it from someone with a stake in its preparation.

Help support the Dine Indie mission and add your own local cafe, bar, restaurant, b&b, farmers market, or co-op to the site. You may also add reviews or indie travel locations.

DineIndie.com was born in 2005 when co-founders Paul David, Robyn Jasko, and some friends recognized that there were other people out there like themselves--on the lookout for cool places to eat. Dine Indie was launched to provide a much needed avenue for diners to find new places, eat well, AND support the local restaurateur at the same time. Green icons for locally sourced ingredients and vegan options would also be a key component of the site.

DineIndie.com is user friendly. People looking for a place to eat, or to check out what's new at their favorite restaurant, can log on to the homepage and search by restaurant name, city or zip code. The advanced search allows searches by other variables including cuisine type and price. Graphic icons on each restaurant listing answer crucial questions such as: Are they open on Sundays? Do they serve alcohol? Are they family friendly? Do they use local ingredients? Do they offer vegan or vegetarian options?

Dine Indie also features a Flash interface Google map for quick access to food and travel locations.

Any independent eatery can list on DineIndie. For the purposes of the site, “independent” means having 6 or fewer locations--so some local “chains” can still be listed. Basic listings (or seed listings) are free and anyone can add them! Owners may elect to "claim" their listing and gain access to an abundance of features, or sign up directly.

Each listing on DineIndie.com is a mini-website including two photos, a blurb description, a downloadable menu and a link to the restaurant’s primary website, if there is one. Many locations even have downloadable coupons! Each listing has its own web address and becomes individually searchable through Google and other internet search engines.

No Applebees. No Starbucks. No Pizza Hut. No chains.
"Skip the chains and Dine Indie!"

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